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Spoken word poetry combines my love of words and voice into short five minute bursts of expressive and sometimes (though not always) rhyming, stories and rants.

Between the Lines
A response to my experience with self-help.

On Falling: Some Safety Considerations
A somewhat neurotic love poem about my attempt to capture glitter, and hold onto it forever.

After jumping into a lake rumoured to have no bottom, I was bitten by an imaginary monster so hard I started to bleed.

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Reflections pictureReflections

Growth has always felt creative to me, involving (for lack of a better word) a magical interchange between surrender and decision. There is a lot more to growth than just following a list.

This portion of the blog features my introspective writings about my own experiences with growth, creativity, death of self, love, hate, fear, and desire.

After writing 425 reflections over 5 1/2 years, I concluded this project in October 2017.

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My name is Christine Bissonnette, and I’m a spoken word poet and children’s entertainer living in Vancouver, BC (I’m originally from Sackville, Nova Scotia).

I received my bachelor’s degree in theatre and creative writing from UNB, and have since trained extensively in voice and performance with coaches Mark Downey, Ben Ratner, Gayle Murphy, David Smukler, and Juerg Roffler (amongst others).

I volunteer with several different organizations. I facilitate one-on-one spoken word workshops for adults with cognitive disabilities through Kudoz. I was a member of the core production team for Interesting Vancouver’s 10th anniversary, and also volunteer as one of the field trip organizers for Creative Mornings.

Currently, I’m also involved in a 3 1/2 year breathexperience training program to become certified as a breath practitioner.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please go to my contact page.

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  • Interviews With Creatives
    From June 2014 to January 2016 I sat down with over 50 creatives from Canada and the US to talk to them about their intimate experiences with creativity, fear, and desire.

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