Spoken Word Poetry

Original poems, written and performed by Christine Bissonnette


Between the LinesBetween the Lines

This is my love letter to every creative out there, and a request that we start supporting one another in our dreams.






Magic TrickCan I show you a magic trick?

When I’m watching a trick being performed, I can’t help but ask “how??” This poem was inspired by my very talented friend, Joel Eddington (the magician featured in the video).



More poems coming
Videos for the following poems are on their way:

Left Opened
This poem is about my experience with anxiety, and uses excerpts from a poem I wrote when I was 13 about feeling trapped inside of a box. 

  • For this poem I’m collaborating with pianist improvisor Craig Addy, who will be accompanying me on piano. Estimated release date, July 2017.

Lakes that are Bottomless
After jumping into a lake rumoured to have no bottom, I was bitten by an imaginary monster so hard I started to bleed.

On Falling: Some Safety Considerations
A somewhat neurotic love poem about my attempt to capture glitter, and hold onto it forever.

Places I Return To…
There is a thin line that separates fantasy from reality; obsession from love. Inspired by an experience I once had on a beach, this poem is about how we remember people, and how these memories weave themselves (with seeming importance) into our lives. 

Inside of an Imagination; Not Mine

It’s strange to be the possessor of a body that’s as highly sexualized as the female one. 

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